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The Comprehensive Modular Ontology IDE -- a Protégé plugin

Welcome to CoModIDE

CoModIDE is the Comprehensive Modular Ontology IDE – a plugin for the Protégé ontology editor that supports graphical drag-and-drop based composition of ontologies, supported by an embedded Ontology Design Pattern library. It is developed jointly by the Data Semantics Lab at Kansas State University, USA and the Jönköping AI Lab at Jönköping University, Sweden. CoModIDE is in early days and undergoing rapid development – so feel free to try it out and suggest feature improvements or bug fixes.

Installation instructions

Use the Protégé plugins repository, File/Check for plugins.... Check CoModIDE and select install. Alternatively, install manually using these instructions:

  1. Go to the latest CoModIDE release page.
  2. Expand the “Assets” symbol, and download the precompiled JAR file called CoModIDE-X.Y.Z-SNAPSHOT.jar (where X.Y.Z is a version number).
  3. Find your Protégé plugins directory. The location of this directory varies. On Windows and Linux machines, it is commonly a subdirectory of the Protégé install directory called “plugins”. On a Mac it is typically nested inside the Protégé app bundle; find your Protégé.app file, right click on it, select “Show package contents”, and navigate to the subdirectory Contents/Java/plugins.
  4. Copy the previously downloaded JAR file into this directory.
  5. Launch Protégé.
  6. Activate the CoModIDE tab through the menu Window/Tabs/Comodide (on Mac, exact menu structure may differ on Linux/Windows systems)

Video walkthrough

For a demonstration of CoModIDE features, see the below video.

ESWC 2020 Tutorial

Our tutorial on CoModIDE will be held from 14:00 through 17:00 CEST; for details, see the tutorial page.

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